Ayahuasca Retreats Private

Ayahuasca Retreats Private
From USD $500.00
  • Duration: 1 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Cusco, Cusco
  • Product code: AYH1DPS

Full day Inclusion:

  • Ceremony of Unity and Oracle reading

  • Cleansing Ceremony

  • Ceremony of the offering to Pachamama (mother earth)  

  • Amazonian Ceremony (Ayahuasca) The Contents are: Chacruna and Ayahuasca.

  • Personal meeting with the Healer

  • Group meetings to share your experience

  • Healer Assistant

  • Water Pail

  • Place for the retreat.

  • Group Size: 7 People Max

The Technique is fallow by four different ceremonies as:

  • CEREMONY OF UNITY (Reading Oracle)

This ceremony will perform to unify the participants with heaven and earth.

We call the forces from Universe and our protectors.

In this ceremony our Masters will use the oracles to converse with God and Pachamama.  Upon the asking of a question, God & Pachamama responds through the oracles and the answers are interpreted by the Shaman.   The oracles we use are Coca Leaves, Sacred Fire, Runes, Sea Shells, Stones, Seeds and others.  Each shaman works with their own designated oracle.

Time; 20min.

Inclusions: Oracle reading, translation in English


This Andean cleansing and flourishing ceremony is to remove negative energies and blocks which have accumulated from various sources over time.  By freeing stuck or blocked paths, it allows us to expand our hearts in love, forgiveness, and everything important in our lives.  It opens the way for us to be our true selves.  It also serves to prepare us to enter the Amazonian ceremony with purity of mind and spirit.

Time; 30 mints

Inclusions: Ceremonies, shaman, products for the cleansing ceremony.


The addition of traditional Inca Technique or Ayahuasca facilitates the process of self-realization and self-discovery.  Through true and deep immersion in the ceremony, you can gain healing and growth.

Time; 4th to 7hrs

Inclusions: Medicine, Shaman, products, cleansing, offering, guidance, translations, place of the retreat, breakfast. Overnight at the retreat place.


This offering is the most important of all.  When this ceremony is performed, we unify our life with Mother Earth, God and the Universal Order.  We put order into all aspects of our life whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or material.  By doing so, we can obtain a high level of vitality, courage, wisdom and passion.  

Time; 1hr to 1 30 hrs.

Inclusions: shaman, offerings , products, .

General Timeline for a Full Day Retreat;

REMEMBER that you must fast during that day of the retreat.

9:00 am – WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS of the Shamans and Andean teachings.





The Ayahuasca ceremony will begin shortly after as the Shaman seeks the permission of Mother Earth, the Apus, plants, and the higher forces so that the ceremony goes well and is in harmony with nature.  The ceremony lasts between 4 to 6 hours.


When the effects of the Amazonian ceremony have worn off we will begin the last ceremony, a traditional Andean offering to Mother Earth (Pachamama) which allows you to give thanks for all that has been received.  

8:00 pm

The retreat will finish with a conversation where you are able to speak with the shamans about your experience for their explanation and guidance.

You may want to bring your tent or spend the night at the retreat house after the Ayahuasca ceremony.  Another option is pre-arranged transportation back to Home.

Important:  Noble Silence: Silence is necessary for greater concentration, less distractions and internal work.    You will be able to speak during the times of discussion, and with the Masters when you feel it necessary.  You can turn to the Shaman assistants to resolve issues related to nourishment, physical needs or other matters.

It is forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol or take any type of drugs, eat, touching to any participant or any sexual practice during your stay at the retreat center.  PLEASE keep your cell phone or computer turned off.  

PRIOR DE CEREMONY: 2 weeks before.

You must fill out your medical form and send it back to us with your signature BEFORE the retreat begins.

For physical, psychological and emotional preparation, you must follow the following dietary restrictions, pray or meditate, and avoid negative influences as much as you can.

At least 5 days before the scheduled retreat

  • Do not consume drugs, alcohol, coffee or chocolate for at least 2 days prior to your Retreat ceremony.   

  • Avoid processed or canned food, red meat and pork, processed meats such as ham, hot dogs, salami, etc… and excessive salt and sugar.  

  • Pray or Meditate, or both.

At least 3 days before the scheduled retreat

  • Drink a lot of water (at least 2 quarts) each day. (2 Lts)

  • You must abstain from any type of sexual relations, including masturbation.

Day of the scheduled retreat

  • Do not take any prescription drugs, antibiotics, injections, pills or others on the actual day of the Ayahuasca ceremonies.   


If you regularly take prescription drugs, have any serious health problems, infections or are contagious, please advise us in advance so that we can ensure that you will be able to participate in the ceremony.   Check with us before you make your reservation.

It is suggested that the women who are menstruating or pregnant abstain from participating. Period pain and discomfort may result in a negative experience while journeying with Ayahuasca. However, if you do not experience sever pain or discomfort then it is ok for you partake.

We recommend waiting till the second or third day of a period to allow you to gauge the intensity of the pain.

Due to potential health risks, people with the following health conditions will not be able to participate in the Amazonian ceremony:

* High blood pressure

* Diabetes

* Pregnancy

* Schizophrenic disorder

* Heart disease or any condition previously diagnosed indicating vulnerability to the heart

* Epilepsy and other seizure related conditions  

* Use of MAO inhibitors or anti-psychotic medication

* Mental Illness: Anyone in treatment for mental illness must consult a physician regarding the advisability of using Ayahuasca

* Sensitivity to Tobacco: Tobacco is an integral part of Amazonian and Andean shamanism and it is frequently used by the Shamans during ceremony. If you have a hyper sensitivity to tobacco smoke, you should inform us before signing up.

*Those who have been operated on within the last six months, especially if it was a gastrointestinal operation, should not participate with the Amazonian ceremony.  

* Health Conditions and Risks: Angel or The centre are not responsible for and not equipped to handle a serious medical emergency. [Nausea and vomiting are common in the cleansing part of the Ayahuasca process.] Please inform us of any medical conditions before you make your reservation.

Below is a list of items that you should bring to the retreat:

  • Water Bottle  2lts

  • Comfortable shoes or hiking boots for walking on uneven ground or forested areas

  • Warm clothes, blanket or sleeping bag to use during the ceremony

  • air mattress or Thermarest pad

  • Toilet paper, pail

  • Optional - Change of clothes

  • Folding camp chair

  • Tent (if you think you might spend the night)

  • Sun Block and camera

Very important; You need to meditated or pry before you go to sleep and after you weak up. The idea is to start working at this present and given yourself an orientation to do this ceremonies.

Please be thoughtful of others during the retreat. We prefer the ceremonies to be performed in silence to allow people to concentrate on the visions. Please do not touch anybody else during the ceremony, unless they ask you to. Shaman may come to you to perform personal work. They may blow tobacco smoke on your head, apply perfume to your hands, or make a personalized chant to you. Please receive this with love as it is a healing work that is being performed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us: